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Can't stop following the news? You're not the only one, news consumption worldwide has increased tremendously over the past year (source: Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020). Since the coronavirus pandemic, the need for accurate and up-to-date information is more crucial than ever. This certainly also applies to the hospitality industry: with the continuous developments and the travel restrictions, you need to keep up to date. How will the new restrictions affect hotels and the hospitality industry? Which countries shouldn't you expect guests from for a while? Which market is the best to focus on for the most revenue? What are the trends and developments in the hospitality industry?  


In this blog, we will elaborate on several news sources that are interesting for your business to follow! Missing your favourite news source from the list? Share it with us (mail to: yourfriends@smarthotel.nl) and we'll add it to this article.   


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  1. Skift
    Skift is a platform that focuses on the global travel industry. Their goal is to document and help understand changing traveller behaviour. Topics such as online distribution and the influence of politics and economics on the travel industry are covered. If you're wondering what's going on in the travel and hospitality industry worldwide and what kind of changes you can expect in the future, this is a very interesting news source. 

    Visit Skift.com >

  2. Hospitality Net
    Hospitality Net is a global online resource for hospitality-related news. On Hospitality Net you'll find opinion articles, press releases, international events, job openings, webinars, reports and much more. The focus of Hospitality Net is much more on the future of the hotel industry and how technology supports it.  

    Visit Hospitality Net >

  3. Hotel Community Forum
    The name of this platform might already reveal the concept, but Hotel Community Forum is more about interactivity between hospitality professionals than it is about providing information. This community-based website describes itself as ‘the ultimate portal for the savvy hospitality professional where buyers and sellers find each other to ‘share news, events, extensive reference material, innovative e-learning and e-commerce capabilities.

    Visit Hotel Community Forum 

  4. PhocusWire
    PhocusWire is a daily news platform powered by the global travel industry’s research authority PhocusWrightPhocusWire covers the most important developments in the global travel industry based on their research and focuses on technology and distribution. They currently also maintain a live blog with the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic that gets updated at least twice a day.  

    Visit PhocusWire >

  5. Hotel Speak
    Hotel Speak is a very useful platform that focuses more on the marketing aspect of the hotel industry. On this website you will find hands-on tips and trends that are easy to read and useful for seasoned hoteliers as well as newcomers. It is their goal to share knowledge to make your hotel business thrive. 

    Visit Hotel Speak > 


And last but not least, here's another one: the SmartHOTEL blog! We publish at least twice a month a new blog for you about the latest trends in online distribution, revenue management and improving the guest experience. Would you like to be notified when there’s a new blog online? Receive new articles directly in your email.

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By Marijke Remmelzwaan | December 21, 2020

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