Smart Payments now also enhancing Suite8 PMS

In the ever-evolving world of property management systems (PMS), one system has proven its resilience and adaptability in the past - Suite8 PMS, also often named as Fidelio. While it's true that Suite8 has faced competition and, in some cases, been replaced by newer solutions like Opera Cloud PMS, there are still plenty hotels have chosen to stick with Suite8 for their own reasons. Suite8 remains a trusted choice for numerous hoteliers, and it continues to prove its worth.

At SmartHOTEL, we take a demand-driven approach and pride ourselves on finding creative ways to simplify hotel management and enhance the guest experience. We are excited to announce a groundbreaking feature that sets us apart from the rest - Smart Payments.

Smart Payments: What Does it Mean?

The Smart Payments feature is a game-changer for hotels using Suite8 PMS. Not only have we achieved seamless integration with our channel manager, encompassing reservations, modifications, and cancellations, but we've also introduced a powerful tool that allows automatic payment delivery to guest folios.

Practical Applications

Let's delve into some practical examples of how the Smart Payments feature can benefit hotels:

  1. Streamlined Virtual Credit Card Handling: In today's digital age, many bookings are made through online travel agencies like These bookings are often paid via virtual credit cards. Smart Payments now allows for automatic charging and posting of payments from these virtual credit cards directly into the hotel's PMS. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in financial transactions.

  2. Improve Cash Flow: With the Smart Payments feature, hotels can send automated emails to guests, including payment links. Guests can easily click on these links to make partial or full payments, pushing the payment directly into the PMS. This enhances guest communication, saves your team manual work, and provides guests with a convenient way to  pay.

  3. Reduced Administrative Burden: By automating payment handling, Smart Payments reduces the administrative burden on hotel staff. Manual entry of payments is prone to errors and can be time-consuming. With our Smart Payments feature, hotels can redirect their resources toward providing exceptional guest experiences.

Why Choose SmartHOTEL?

SmartHOTEL understands the unique needs and challenges faced by different hotels. While Opera Cloud PMS may have gained popularity, Suite8 has remained a steadfast choice for those who value reliability, adaptability, and a commitment to enhancing hotel operations.

We believe in leveraging technology to empower hoteliers to do business better. The Smart Payments feature is just one example of our dedication to innovation and providing practical solutions for hotels using Suite8 PMS.

In a world where change is constant, SmartHOTEL stands out by offering Smart Payments, a solution that simplifies operations, improves guest communication, and reduces manual administrative tasks for hotels still using Suite8 PMS.


Interested in learning more what this can mean for your hotel? Reach out to us via or Schedule an online meeting with us via this link.

By Quinten Gazendam | October 18, 2023

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