SmartHOTEL and combine forces and welcome Connected Capital as investor.

SmartHOTEL and are excited to announce their merger, coming together as a unified entity. This merger represents a significant milestone in the growth of both companies, establishing them as a leading provider of hospitality solutions in the market. By combining their expertise, experience, and product offerings, they aim to better assist hoteliers in optimising their operational processes and increasing efficiency and revenue. As a result, hoteliers can dedicate more time and focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their guests.

Both companies are pleased to announce the addition of Connected Capital as an investor in the partnership. Connected Capital, a prominent European B2B software investor, will provide essential support for the merger by offering growth capital and implementing a 'buy-and-build strategy' alongside their expertise. Their participation in the company will accelerate the development of new products and services, as well as drive expansion into untapped markets.

Susan Lagerweij, Partner at Connected Capital: ‘The rapid transition of the Hospitality Tech market to the cloud has led to the availability of more advanced solutions for independent hotels. The diverse range of software solutions and providers in the industry presents a unique opportunity for this strong, combined player to accelerate their growth within its core customer segment.’                              

‘We are delighted to announce the merger of SmartHOTEL and, along with the addition of Connected Capital as an investor,’ says Pitrik van der Lubbe, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the newly formed organization. ‘Together, we can provide our customers with an even stronger product portfolio. Our focus will be on our cutting-edge payment platform, which seamlessly integrates the automatic encoding of Virtual Credit Cards (VCC), payment pages, payment links, and processing physical terminal payments.’

‘Through the implementation of ‘embedded payment solutions’, hotels can securely process transactions while also benefiting from integrated Ecommerce and In-Person Payments to streamline payment processes across all operations. Ultimately, our goal is to enhance the guest experience and improve operational efficiencies for hoteliers,’ stated Derreck Weterings, Chief Operating Officer (COO).

‘We are committed to upholding our core values, which align closely between both organisations. Our dedication to delivering exceptional services to our customers remains consistent,’ adds Patrick Brand, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). ‘We look forward to continuing to work with our clients and partners and achieve our common goals.’

By Quinten Gazendam | March 04, 2024

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