Save time, energy and money with our fully automated online payment tool Smart Payments

You probably became a hotelier because you wanted guests to have the best experience. Not because you were crazy about typing over credit card info from a virtual credit card every time a guest checks in after making their booking through an online travel agency. You probably also don’t enjoy the work of having to manually email guests seven days in advance of their stay for a prepayment.

At SmartHOTEL, we realise there are better things you can do with your time and energy than spending hours on repetitive – but important! – tasks that have to do with payment. That’s why we built our Smart Payments tool, which ensures fast, secure and automatic processing of all payments.

This means you can save a lot of time weekly or even daily. And as every hotelier knows: time is money.


The advantages of our automation in a nutshell:

  • Reduces labour costs
    • Payments are automatically charged so manual processing is no longer needed.
  • Secure and responsible
    • Cardholder data is no longer delivered to the PMS and no manual processing of credit cards takes place.
  • PCI-DSS-compliant
    •  By integrating payment process automation throughout, your hotel becomes PCI compliant.
  • Positive Guest Experience
    • Payment is almost always made in advance, eliminating payment issues for the guest at the counter.
  •  Successful Payments
    • Failed credit card payments are not processed and a new payment option is sent by email.
  • Multiple payment systems
    • We can link to any payment system of choice (suitable for your country).

Feature 1: Automatic VCC charges

Whenever a guest books and pays through an OTA such as of Hotelbeds, one of the possibilities to get paid is charging the OTA on the day of the arrival through a virtual credit card (VCC). For every booking, you have to manually charge a new VCC.

SmartHOTEL can:
  • Automate the processing of your virtual card payments.

  • Deliver the payment into your PMS (if supported)

  • Help you ‘win back’ hours that can now be spent on other things. 


Feature 2: Payment links via email

Lots of hotels have pre-payment policies but spend lots of time reaching out to guests asking for payment.  Then, you might not be able to take payment without the customer being present and you lose out on having funds in the account.

SmartHOTEL can:

  • Automatically send a payment link by email to the customer

  • Deliver the payment into your PMS (if supported)

  • Schedule payment requests based on your needs


Feature 3: Payment page attached to the booking module

In these modern times, why would you let a guest look at your availability … without being able to book? There’s a chance they won’t contact you, and then you lose a customer. And if they contact you, you have to manually enter their info in your PMS. For both sides, it’s a lot of work.

SmartHOTEL can:

  • Offer a handy payment page attached to the Smart Booking Engine
  • Let guests pay securely for their booking (with any payment method of your choice)

  • Help securely validate and authorise credit cards


Feature 4: Payment terminals in your hotel

Do you want all you payments centralised through a single payment service provider?

SmartHOTEL can:

  • Install the payment terminals in your hotel

  • Allow reception to take all offline payments safely and securely

  • Keep you fully compliant with the GDPR and credit card security standards (PCI-DSS). 


So, what will you do next?   Why not schedule a free payment scan and see if SmartHOTEL can help you save time, money and energy!

By Fiona Cooper | September 29, 2022

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