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Do you wonder how we ever managed the hotel business without the help of technology? Or do you  sometimes miss the less complicated times? Whether you’re a hotel owner with technical talent, or you’re struggling to give up the old ways; to be future proof, you need to be aware of what’s going on in the hotel software industry.

That being said, always be critical when a hotel software provider or a booking channel claims to make your hotel more efficient or profitable. In this guide, we would like to take you through all systems and channels in a birds’ eye view. What do they do, what are the differences and what are the pros and cons. We give you some insights in which hotel technologies could be a profit or a burden for you.


The understandable guide to hotel technology

Choose the right software for your hotel


  • Find out which hotel technologies are a profit or a burden for your hotel
  • Learn in an understandable way about the most well-known hotel software and platforms
  • Create a future-proof base for your hotel or accommodation

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By SmartHOTEL | December 03, 2020

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