What is Hotel Metasearch?

Nowadays, metasearch is almost impossible to ignore in the travel industry. Its one of the fastest-growing channels for booking hotel rooms worldwide. Why are bookers choosing for metasearch? Because its the ideal way for many bookers to compare hotel prices. Metasearch websites are online price comparison sites, in this case, specifically aimed at finding the best price for hotel stays. 


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How does hotel metasearch work?  

A booker can search for a hotel stay via a metasearch website, just like on a booking site. The only difference is that when a hotel is selected, the prices of all online booking channels for that hotel and night are displayed. When a booker has chosen the best option, he is redirected to the booking site where the booking can be completed. The hotels website is usually not automatically listed as an option. To be listed with the hotel website, the hotel must contact the metasearch website directly.   


How do I list my hotel website on metasearch?  

Metasearch offers exciting opportunities to have more people book directly with the hotel, but keep in mind that you also have to pay a commission percentage here. The costs of metasearch are lower than most booking sites commission rates, but only if there is a good strategy behind the use of metasearch for your hotel.   

At TrivagoKayak, and HotelsCombined, you pay when a booker clicks on the price that links to your website. This is also called Cost Per Click. At Google Hotel Ads and TripAdvisor Instant Booking, you pay per confirmed booking, also called Cost Per Acquisition. Please note: although a booking through Google and TripAdvisor is seen as a direct booking, the booking will not be processed on your website.   

When you want to work with metasearch for the first time, explore the possibilities through one of the channels mentioned above. You can easily register via their websites: first, you claim your hotel profile (it often already exists), then the registration process follows. 


Is metasearch suitable for my hotel?  

Metasearch is quite complex, so it is essential to have experience with online advertising. There are specialised parties where you can outsource metasearch campaigns. Metasearch also requires a strong operational basis: a well-functioning (converting) website with the booking engine (OBE) and preferably also a channel manager and PMS. If you dont already have this, it might be better not to focus on metasearch yet. 


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By SmartHOTEL | July 01, 2014

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