Two reasons to convince you to load hotel allotment for 2019

Possibly you have already uploaded your allotment for 2019 a long time ago. If that is the case, the following sentence could surprise you. Many Hoteliers did not upload their rates and availability for 2019 in the Channel Manager yet. Then there are some Hotels who only uploaded their R&A for the first few months. We could argue about the ''why?'' of this, but we rather choose to emphasise the urgency of uploading your allotment at least one year in advance.


1. Get higher rankings at your OTAs

Uploading your rates and availability in the Channel Manager has an impact on your rank at most of the OTAs you are connected with, especially and Expedia weight heavily on this. Amongst others, it determines your place in the hotel sort order. The hotel sort order is how future guests find the most relevant hotels and deals, each time they search for an overnight stay. Hotels with an ongoing high number of rooms available benefit from a higher search ranking. Those with constant lower scores move further down the search ranking, resulting in fewer guest bookings. Summarised: more available rooms, higher search ranking and thus more visible for your future guests!


2. Welcome Early Bookers

Early bookers are great and we recommend to welcome them. Why? This actually goes hand in hand with the higher ranking scenario, because by uploading your allotment, you can count on some certainty in terms of incomes and sold rooms. Maybe that guest who stayed at your hotel last summer wants to revisit again. What a shame it would be if they cannot find any available rooms for the next year at your hotel, and thus decide to book a room at the hotel next door. That is a missed opportunity!


So, if you have not uploaded your 2019 allotment in the Channel Manager yet, we strongly suggest to start with it today! Do you want more tips on how to boost your revenue? Then you might like this article as well.

By Chantal Mieremet | November 28, 2018

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