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We already announced it earlier this year: we want to hear your thoughts. You already have seen it coming by, we asked for your opinion in several ways. Today we highlight the results of the Net Promoter Score* from June to August 2019.


''How likely is it that you would recommend SmartHOTEL to a friend or colleague?''


That's the question we asked you in the past months. Do you know what the answer was? Most of you would recommend us!



49% of the respondents are very positive about SmartHOTEL (Promoters), compared to 11% that would not recommend us (Detractors). With these percentages, our Net Promoter Score is 38%, which is higher than the average score (15-30%). We dare to say we are proud of this result!

We can hear you thinking: ''But 38%, that's not a lot. What are you proud of?''. Well, the Net Promoter Score has a score range of -100 to +100. Everything above 0 is considered good, 50 or more is excellent and +70 is ''world class''. Our score of 38% shows that the majority of our customer base is loyal to our product and services, which is a great start!

NPS_score_2019_sum_v3.5Because we want to keep measuring your contentment of our products and our services, we will send you the same question every three months: ''How likely is it that you would recommend SmartHOTEL to a friend or colleague?'' This way, we know when to adjust our sails. 

Do you want to leave a review? You can do this via our HotelTechReport review page. Help us and other hoteliers by writing a review about your experiences of SmartHOTEL. Thank you for sharing your opinion, your thoughts are incredibly valuable to us!


* Net Promoter Score (NPS) provides insight into the loyalty and contentment of the customer. The customer can rate a company with a score from 0 to 10. The scores are divided into three different categories:

  • Detractors (score: 0 to 6)
  • Passives (score: 7 to 8)
  • Promoters (score: 9 to 10)

The NPS result is the Promoter percentage minus the Detractor percentage. The Passives do not directly influence the results.

By Chantal Mieremet | September 16, 2019

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