How to improve your Online Distribution Channel Strategy

Do you have the ideal distribution mix?

Let's face it, a new year is in sight and secretly we are all planning ahead already. If it isn’t for personal causes (which countries am I going to visit in 2019?) it must be for the company you are working for. For many, a new year also means starting with a clean slate, making the new year even better than before. As a Hotelier, you probably recognise it all too well, although you might not know where to start yet. We are happy to help you with asking you this first question: do you have the ideal online distribution mix at the moment?

 1. Compare your current Online Travel Agency (OTA) connections
Start with getting a clearer overview of your successful OTA connections, it is a good idea to check the reservations made in the last year. Which booking sites did you receive most reservations from? And, maybe even more interesting, which ones didn’t yield as much as expected? Create a list of valuable and disadvantageous OTAs to take stock of the situation.

2. Add new connections to your distribution mix
Check which OTAs you are connected with right now. How many connections do you have? If there are just two connections, you might want to reconsider adding some more. When using our Channel Manager you can add an unlimited amount of booking site connections to your account. So why not add more? It doesn’t cost you extra time (except for the setup of the connection) and it increases the hotels online visibility. On the other hand, adding random OTAs to your hotel account doesn’t necessarily benefit you. Be critical and check if your current connections are really worth spending time on.

3. Get more out of your successful connections

Make use of your hotel´s most successful connections. Talk to your account manager and see how you can make your inventory even more likeable. It might be an easy adjustment (review your hotel description or switch to more appealing images), but maybe adding a special rate might be beneficial as well. Please do keep in mind to always ask yourself the following question: does this adjustment fit the identity of my property?

4. Start a conversation with the less beneficial booking sites

Do not eliminate the booking sites that are not very profitable, but start an honest conversation with the account manager and ask questions such as: Why is this booking site not profitable at this moment? What can be done to increase the revenue via this specific OTA? What is the target market and how does it fit your target market? In the end, you can decide to either remove the travel agency or give it another shot by mixing up your distribution.


Done with reviewing your current distribution mix? Then it might be interesting to check out new opportunities. In this blog, we tell you more about how to select new OTAs, without losing sight of the identity of your hotel.

By Chantal Mieremet | October 31, 2018

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