Fiona's SmartHOTEL Journey - from customer to employee

Do you already know Fiona? If you've ever spoken to her, you will know she has a lot of knowledge about our products. How can that be, our beloved colleague from the UK recently celebrated her 2nd anniversary working for SmartHOTEL! That anniversary got her thinking about her journey so far, as she has been a ''Smartie'' for over seven years already. In this article, Fiona looks back on her SmartHOTEL journey and openly thinks about what the future might bring her.

An introduction to Channel Management
''I started using the system back in 2012 when I was working as a Revenue Manager at a hotel in the United Kingdom. Back in those days, I used to spend hours updating individual booking sites with my pricing and availability. So when the opportunity came up to connect to a channel manager via a two-way interface straight from the PMS, I jumped at the opportunity. Suddenly, I had loads of spare time as I wasn’t manually inputting reservations anymore either, so I was able to focus on connecting to more booking sites and increasing the revenue at the hotel.''

From revenue management to consultancy
''In 2013, I was offered the opportunity to go and work at Oracle as a myfidelio consultant. In my new role, I was connecting properties to SmartHOTEL and helping other revenue managers to optimise their online sales. As Oracle was using SmartHOTEL for its white label solution (Micros Channel Manager), I had the opportunity to do my full training certification and gained a lot of insight into the product and how to support our connected hotels. During my time working as a myfidelio consultant, we connected over 120 hotels to SmartHOTEL just in the UK and Ireland.''

A familiar face in times of change
''Then in 2017, Oracle announced they were ending the MCM “white label” arrangement, and all existing customers would be migrated to a SmartHOTEL contract. Having a close relationship with the UK hotels, it was the logical choice for me to “move” with them to SmartHOTEL, so I joined the team here. I think having a familiar face at SmartHOTEL has helped hotels a lot during the transition process, providing a sense of security that someone was with them since the beginning. So, the SmartHOTEL UK Office was created, and it’s been growing ever since, with an additional 70 new properties in the last couple of years, taking us up to 240 hotels in the UK and Ireland alone.''

Connecting Hotels to the World
''So, from Customer to Partner and now one of the team, what’s the next step for me… Looking at the natural progression of things, the next step would be to carry on moving through the distribution flow. With our new products, such as SmartCONNECT for Oracle ORS and the OXI interface, I may start stepping into those systems. For now, though, I’m going to continue to dedicate my experience, knowledge and skills to our SmartHOTEL customers and help take the company to the next level of Connecting Hotels to the World!''

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By Fiona Cooper | April 17, 2019

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