Highest occupancy rate in 20 years for Dutch hotels!

Highest occupancy rate in 20 years for Dutch hotels!

If you are Dutch and you are the owner of a hotel, you are in luck! Dutch hotels have the highest occupancy rates in 20 years, and future expectations do not disappoint either.

In 2016 the occupancy rate was 73,9% but raised in 2017 to a percentage of 77,2%. Only in 1997, the average occupancy rate was even higher. For 2018 they expect the percentage to rise even more, to 78,7%. Even for 2019, 48% of the Hoteliers expect a growth of the occupancy rate. Amsterdam and Schiphol airport area is the growing glory of occupancy rates, it raised from 82,2% in 2016 to 85,1% in 2017. Now, halfway 2018, Hoteliers in the Amsterdam area confirm their occupancy rates are over 90%. Holy hoteliers, that’s a lot!


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Occupancy rates keep rising, and thus a rise in room rates and revenue is inherent to it. More detailed results of this research can be found via HOSTA 2018.



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By Chantal Mieremet | September 12, 2018

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