Here's Why You Should Care About Holacracy

"What do you do at work?" The answer to that question is usually straightforward and directly tied to your job title and description. You could be a front desk employee, head of housekeeping or cook in the hotel restaurant. But at SmartHOTEL, the answer is a lot more flexible.


Since SmartHOTEL started using Holacracy, standard job descriptions became a thing of the past. Holacracy enables everyone to take control of their ambitions by defining their own job descriptions. This is done through a process called governance, where anyone can submit a proposal to change the accountability of a role (previously known as a job title & description). The proposal undergoes a couple of phases to give other people the chance to provide feedback or object before it is accepted, changing the work you do daily effective immediately. Are you doing something that doesn’t fall under a role yet? You can fashion a new role using the same process and suddenly carry the new title "Blog Writer".


At SmartHOTEL, nobody does just one thing, which makes each day different from the one before. You might walk in bright and early in the morning and start by clearing out the dishwasher (that’s not part of a role, it’s just collegial courtesy). You boot up your computer and start by checking your list of pending tasks. According to the list, you can fix a bug as the developer role, analyse the technical specifications of a new potential partner as the product owner role, feed the fish as the pet feeder role or write a blog as the storyteller role. Out of those, you believe fixing the bug is the highest priority, so that’s what you pick up first.

As an employee at SmartHOTEL, you are the only one who can decide what task has the highest priority at that moment. There's no management which tells you what you have to do. For you, as a hotelier, this is very interesting because you will know the SmartHOTEL team does its best to work as efficiently as possible. We can assure you that we will always put our tasks on a scale to check what is absolutely the highest priority.


Decision making goes very fast in our company because we have no management that needs to authorise every move we make. For example, if the role fulfiller believes that a requested change in the extranet is a useful change and high on the priority list, the alteration can be done more quickly (depending on the complexity of the case).



In conclusion, we can say Holacracy comes with a lot of advantages, especially for our customers. Priority lists are made directly by the responsible role fulfillers and the team can adapt quickly.

Do you have a question for the consultancy team, or would you like to request a change in the extranet? We want to build an Extranet that fits your needs, so please let us know your ideas.


About SmartHOTEL
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By Hibbah El-Damanhoury | November 25, 2019

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