Channel Manager functionalities you (maybe) didn't know about yet

A while ago, a survey was sent out in which we asked you several questions about the Smart Channel Manager. We received valuable information, but we also noticed that there are some misinterpretations about the system and its functionalities. In this article, we want to highlight a couple of features you might not have been aware of, so you can utilize the system fully.

👉 Get notified when you receive a cancellation

There is a setting to make sure that every time a reservation comes in, changes or cancels, a mail notification is sent to your address. That way, your information on the room occupation is always up-to-date. The functionality is for everyone, even if you have a reservation system connected to the Channel Manager.

👉 Retrieve/print a file of the reservations

Reservation files can be retrieved, but the functionality is not as advanced as a reservation system. If you go to the 'reservations' tab in the extranet, you will get an overview of your reservations. You can choose to make a selection by book date or to make a selection by arrival date. When you've made the selection, you can hit the green Excel icon in the middle of the top bar. An Excel document of the selection will be generated, which you can easily print as well.

👉 Connect a SmartHOTEL IBE to the Channel Manager (for small hotels)

We had a booking engine for many years, but the technical basis of the SmartIBE is no longer future-proof. So, that's why we decided to build, together with Paxxio, a new booking engine. We now have a modern looking IBE, that is also suitable for smaller sized hotels. You can find more information about the Smart Booking Engine here.


Unsure about the existence of a particular functionality in the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager? Or do you want to change your setup, but you are not sure if it's possible the way you want it? We recommend reaching out to the consultancy team and to ask for advice. We want you to use our system to its full potential.


About SmartHOTEL
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By Chantal Mieremet | November 19, 2019

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