SmartHOTEL announces new connectivity with Hotel Bonanza

 We are proud to introduce you to our new OTA connectivity partner with a visionary mindset. Meet Hotel Bonanza. The founders - Bhavin Swaly and Suzie Barber - are on a mission to build a new travel company that offers everybody a fairer and cheaper way to book accommodation online.

Suzie Barber, Co-Founder of Hotel Bonanza:

"The issue of high commissions is not going away. Hotels pay between 15% and 30% to the big online travel agencies and many of them are being forced to raise their prices, meaning the consumers are paying more too. At Hotel Bonanza, we think it is time for change. We make online booking fairer and cheaper for all by charging accommodation providers just 8% commission and giving discounts to consumers.

Our hotels pay just 8% commission with no hidden extras. We don’t charge more for premium positioning either, meaning that your customers get what they search for. We also don’t ask for rate parity, although we do recognize that it exists and consumers must be signed in to see our discounts.

Our Bonanza Club members get a 5% discount on every booking they make and we will allow hotels to give our members further discounts and incentives, meaning we offer the best prices around.

We have more than 9,000 properties registered, have soft-launched the website and are ready for growth. We will tell consumers how the high commissions are driving up the prices for them, and that the only winners are the big travel companies.

Hotel Bonanza offers a credible alternative to existing booking sites, with genuine value, fairness, and transparency at its core. We are signing up all types of accommodation from all over the world, so be part of something different: join us and pay just 8% commission."

About SmartHOTEL & Hotel Bonanza

SmartHOTEL is looking forward to a great partnership with Hotel Bonanza. If you are interested in connecting to Hotel Bonanza or have any other questions, send them a message at

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By Marijke Remmelzwaan | November 15, 2017

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