Introducing SmartCONNECT for OPERA Room Reservation System

The rapid growth of hotel chains

Hotel chains worldwide are growing rapidly. Today’s ten largest branded hotel companies own more than 46,000 properties on a global scale. More hotel chains choose to extend their portfolio by setting up franchising and/or management agreements with individual hotels to speed up their growth. This way the chain doesn’t have to invest in new capital and enables access to new markets with little risk.

Although the benefits of expanding through these kinds of agreements are clear, today’s network of traditional and web-based channels, combined with all sorts of value-added services, makes it increasingly complex for a chain to manage all their hotel's bookings in one single distribution flow. In our latest article, we discussed the benefits of using a CRS. For an individual hotel to join a chain, this hotel will need to have the same PMS the entire chain uses to fully operate on their CRS.

Hotel chain CRS Online Distribution

PMS integration difficulties

Most branded (franchise) chain hotel managers will agree that the variety of PMS systems that are already in use by individual hotels are a big obstacle during negotiations. Since these third-party PMS systems do not integrate with the CRS, the chain would expect the individual hotel to change their PMS to the PMS that is commonly in use by the full chain.  It is not hard to imagine the extra technical and operational efforts plus the cost it takes to change the entire management system a hotel operates on. To force an individual hotel to change their PMS could be the end of negotiations.

The most commonly used CRS platform by chains is Oracle Hospitality OPERA Room Reservation System (RRS). This centralized system for multi-location, multi-property reservation management has seamless integration with Oracle OPERA PMS, thereby creating a powerful centralized database for chains.

Hotel Chain Revenue Management

The solution for PMS integration

SmartHOTEL has developed an innovative interface that is based on the Oracle OXI HUB technology, called SmartCONNECT. This cloud-based interface is connecting any 3rd party PMS with all versions of Oracle OPERA Room Reservation System.

With this solution, SmartHOTEL offers the unique opportunity that saves lots of implementation time and costs for individual hotels and empowers major chains to boost their CRS. Add power to your central reservation application while retaining the value of previous investments.


SmartCONNECT PMS for Oracle OPERA RRS allows 3rd party PMS’s to gather a 2-way integration with Oracle OPERA RRS. This means hotel chains that use Opera RRS can easily expand their business with (franchise) hotels that use any PMS other than Opera PMS.

Complete distribution: Connecting individual hotels with 3rd party PMS products to a chains OPERA RRS.

OXI interface: Handles 2-way connectivity from any PMS system to OPERA RRS.

Simply connect: No need to switch the hotels’ PMS system to the franchises OPERA system.


SmartCONNECT PMS for Oracle Opera Room Reservation System

About SmartHOTEL

SmartHOTEL is a hospitality minded software company established in 2003 and based in the Netherlands. SmartHOTEL provides integrated online distribution solutions for individual hotels and hotel chains. SmartHOTEL specializes in Oracle integrations with the main focus on integrated distribution solutions to Oracle, OPERA and Suite8 systems and is the technology provider behind the Micros Channel ManagerWould you like to know more? Visit feel free to contact us on +31 (0)182 75 11 18), or

By Sebastiaan | September 15, 2017

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