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SmartHOTEL and Suite8 Property Bed Management Solutions

The growing success of the hostel industry brings challenges for Hostels when it comes to online distribution. SmartHOTEL has noticed those challenges and travelled to several hostels to find out what they need to fully optimize their online distribution. The interviews showed that when it comes to handling bookings in the online distribution flow, Hostels miss flexibility in defining the dorm or room type:

  • Number of beds
  • Bed types
  • Gender and age dynamics
  • Flexibility in prices per room or bed type

This makes it hard to sell and manage beds and private rooms together or beds in dorms separately without the chance of overselling. SmartHOTEL took these obstacles and translated them into a fully integrated Bed Management solution that will revolutionise the Hostel Industry.

Together with Oracle Hospitality, SmartHOTEL developed a Bed Management solution that seamlessly integrates with the Suite8 Property Bed Management servicing Hostels and Campuses, managing their specific needs for their complex and unique operations.

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How does Bed Management work?

SmartHOTEL automates the hostel sales of beds from a dorm. The result is that the dorm will no longer be offered as a private room. To make sure that the beds in a dorm can still generate revenue, the remaining beds in this particular dorm can be distributed to the OTA’s. This is an automated process; blocking the room, but keeping the beds available for sale.

The 2-way integration between Suite8 PMS and the Hostel Booking Engine and/or OTA’s (like Hostelworld, Hostelling International and ensures real-time inventory and prevents the Hostels from overbookings. Rates and availability are altered according to the real occupancy so that more beds, dorms and/or private rooms can be sold. Hostels are now able to optimize their distribution strategy by segmenting their bookings by direct and OTA channels without worrying about over occupying their accommodation.

SmartHOTEL Channel Management combined with Oracle Hospitality Suite8 Property Bed Management is the answer for modern forward-thinking proprietors that want to outsmart their competitors and deliver the ultimate digital experience their guests expect in the 21st century.


Smart Innovations

SmartHOTEL specializes in Oracle integrations with the main focus on integrated distribution solutions to Oracle, OPERA and Suite8 systems and is the technology provider behind the Micros Channel Manager.

Focused on integrated distribution solutions for Oracle, OPERA and Suite8 systems, Oracle has named SmartHOTEL as Gold partner.

Smart Innovations for Hostels

Bring your Hostel to the next level

Are you ready to start saving time and start optimizing your Hostels or campuses’ revenue? 

Experience the benefits of Bed Management for your Hostel or Campus:

  • Connect your hostel or campus to Hostelworld, Hi-Hostel, and other major OTA’s
  • Prevent overbookings with real-time inventory. Rates and availability are constantly adjusted to the real occupancy.
  • Need any help? Our very own support team is here for free consultation.

Learn more about our channel mangement solution for Hostels and Campuses.


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About SmartHOTEL
For more than 16 years, SmartHOTEL has been helping hoteliers navigate the exciting world of online distribution. From our office based in the Netherlands, our team serves independent hotels, hostels and chains worldwide by providing channel management and tailored online distribution solutions. A lot has changed over the last years, but our goal remains the same: simply connect hotels to the world. For any questions regarding our services, please contact us at or call +31 (0)182 75 11 18.

By Marijke Remmelzwaan | May 17, 2017

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