A warm welcome to Fiona - SmartHOTEL is extending the Customer Success team to the UK

A warm welcome to Fiona, SmartHOTEL is extending the Customer Success team to the UK!

We would love to give a warm welcome to our new- and first “cross canal” Customer Success Smarty, Fiona. Fiona has already been a good friend of the SmartHOTEL family for many years. As one of our main contacts and user of our software, she is  more than a great addition to the team. Fiona will work from the UK and with her experience as a Hotelier and a Distribution Specialist she has a broad understanding of the Hospitality industry and the systems Hoteliers are using.

Fiona - UK Customer Success

With over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality Industry
I appreciate the importance of good Customer Service.
This is an industry that demands customer satisfaction and this is a skill I pride myself on.

I have worked around the world in various fields within the industry and for the last 6 years have worked with the Oracle OPERA and myfidelio.net systems, both as a Hotelier and then as a Distribution Specialist for myfidelio.net. This rounded experience is very useful when working with Hotels as I have a good understanding of the systems they are using as well as the demands they have on a day-to-day basis to ensure their hotel has maximum visibility and increased revenue.

Working at SmartHOTEL is a very exciting role for me as I have been using their system for almost 6 years. I have seen it evolve over the years into a well-established channel manager and am now a part of making it even better for Hoteliers. My aim is to ensure Customer Success with everyone that connects to the SmartHOTEL channel manager, make their lives easier with this great product and offer them the best service.

Fiona - Customer Success

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By SmartHOTEL | March 17, 2017

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