Scrum: Pushes the product forward!

Developing software isn’t a piece of cake. It’s a complicated process in which priorities are constantly changed. These changes can influence the focus, which could hamper the quality of development. To master this process as a team and overcome this risk, we work with a proven and successful method: Scrum.

The goal of Scrum is to deliver a complete and finished product or “product-part" with the whole team within short timespans, also known as Sprints. This prevents the team from lingering around in an ever-growing list of unfinished projects.

Niels Hubert - Scrum master Niels Hubert - Scrum master

Together as a team, we decide on the workload that can be deliver during a Sprint and define the tasks that need to be completed within it. This is probably the most exciting and fun part of scrum. After defining the tasks in the sprints, we play a game of “poker” and quantify the effort we estimate that is required for each task. Statistics from past Sprints assist us in this estimation process, which improve constantly as time goes on.

On a daily basis we discuss the workload that is to be handled today, scheduling appointments in case any assistance is required from each other, as well as the work that was done the previous day.

A scrum team is multidisciplinary and all members continuously look at our product from their own specialisations and views. This results in the best possible solution for the product or “product-part” as thoughts and opinions are provided during brainstorm sessions and meetings, in which all aspects of a product are taken into account.

scrum pushes the product forward scrum pushes the product forward

Currently we have a scrum team consisting of 8 people;

  • 3 back-end developers;
  • 2 front-end developers;
  • 1 technical tester;
  • 1 UX designer;
  • and 1 scrum master.

In short; a highly driven team that constantly aims at pushing the product in assisting hotels in realizing “The ultimate Guest experience”.

- Niels Hubert, Scrum Master







By SmartHOTEL | May 19, 2016

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