Why hire "Hotello's"?

According to the Dutch, a HOTELLO is a student or graduate from a Hotel Management School. A few examples of these institutions are: Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Glion Institute of Higher Education, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Cornell University and Hotelschool The Hague.

The bachelor program of a Hotel Management School consists of a well-balanced curriculum including both theoretical and practical modules in combination with practical and management internships. Students are prepared for management positions in more than just hotels and hotel chains. As a matter of fact, a large number of HOTELLO’s end up in a vast array of other industries such as the banking sector.

A HOTELLO possesses many core competencies. The most important ones are a service oriented mind-set, a Yes I Can attitude, the capability to assimilate and effectively execute new tasks, a hands on approach, a high standard work ethic, profound communication skills and the ability to understand a customer. In addition I believe that most HOTELLO's are very open minded, love new challenges and have a high degree of entrepreneurship and ownership. The only negative aspect I can actually think of is the fact that we are sometimes overconfident and think we know it all better than the rest. The latter is less of a problem when working in a group because we have learned to agree to disagree when the bigger picture benefits from quick decision making.

The above reasons were decisive when hiring HOTELLO's at SmartHOTEL. We needed people who could understand the operational habits from our customers (the hotels) and assimilate different tasks necessary to raise SmartHOTEL products and services to a higher level. Their analytical skills helped to guide our development team by sharing experiences, showing how the systems are used and giving insight on how to improve the user interface.

I was actually the first HOTELLO to join the company, mainly to provide support for our largest customer (Oracle | MICROS) which I did for almost a year before taking on new tasks involving product management and business development. Less than 6 months later two other Hotelschool The Hague graduates were hired: Quinten and Victor. Nowadays we have a total of 8 HOTELLO's working at our office (In order of appearance: Barbara from Stenden Hotelschool Leeuwarden; Derreck, Elias and Myrthe from Hotelschool The Hague; and last but definitely not least Niels from De Rooi Pannen). All of them started as a support consultant but have now joined either Quality & Knowledge or Sales, Support & Social Media Teams. One of our developers, Gregory (Solutions Architect), has also attended a Hotel Management School at Cambridge International College. All in all nearly half our company consists of HOTELLO's.

So WHY HOTELLO's? Because we believe that their unique qualities in combination with proven experience in the hotel industry enable SmartHOTEL to differentiate its products and services from other companies operating in the hotel software industry. The HOTELLOS's highly contribute to SmartHOTEL's motto: "helping you realize the ultimate guest experience, by creating smart and simple hotel software, by hoteliers for hoteliers".


By SmartHOTEL | February 06, 2015

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