5 tips to impress your hotel guests

It is high season and guests are coming and going. Most guests are content with their stay in your hotel, but they already know that next year they will try something new. Hey, wait… That is not what you want! You want guests to return to your hotel next year and the year after, and so on. In this article, we give you 5 tips to make the guest come back to your hotel every year!


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Tip 1: Make an unforgettable first impression

It is easy to overlook, but the first impression is made even before the guests arrive at your hotel. It starts when they make the reservation: they would like a confirmation that their booking is received correctly and all is okay. You can choose to reply businesslike and distant (“Thank you for your reservation. We confirm your reservation is received successfully.”), but you can also choose to respond as if you are welcoming your friend or family member:

“Thank you for choosing SmartHOTEL! My team and I are looking forward to welcoming you in our cosy hotel. See you in half a year, Marijke!”

If I were Marijke, the last reply would put a smile on my face. You can make the first impression even better by adding some excellent information about the area.


Tip 2: Remember the names of your guests

This one is a considerable challenge for the big hotel chains, but should be doable for the smaller sized hotels. Try to remember the names of your guests and make notes in your reservation system to make recognising the guests easier. Wait for their surprised faces when you can call them by name without peaking! They will feel special right away.


Tip 3: Personalised messages

Who doesn’t love receiving a personalised message? Leave a message on the guests' bed after their first night, to check on how they are doing:

“Hello Marijke, we hope you had a great first night and enjoyed the canoe ride you were planning to do today. In case you have any questions, hop by my desk, and I am happy to help you!”

After reading that personalised message, Marijke is probably amazed that you remembered the detail of the canoe ride and took the effort to write it down. Wow!

I recommend to not stop at this point, but to send a lovely postcard to the guests home address once they checked-out. When the guests are back home again and see your postcard, they will immediately have a flashback to their great stay in your hotel.


Tip 4: Offer takeaway breakfast and lunch

Some guests might want to go on early morning adventure, so early there is no breakfast available yet. But what if there was? Give your guests the option to enjoy breakfast on the go. Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day? Let’s go and delight your guests! (And to top off, you could even offer on-the-go lunch.)


Tip 5: Know about the hidden gems

Many guests want to check out the highlights of the area they are staying in. Some guests want to find the hidden gem, to make their stay even more memorable. What would happen if you hinted them about the secret spot? You will win the award for best-hidden-gem-of-the-year! Make sure your staff knows about the best restaurants and sights in the city so that they can share that information with your customers.


Bonus tip: Commission Free Smart Booking Engine

Did you know that more than 50% of the travellers visits your hotel website after finding you on a booking site? Make use of that fact and ensure yourself with a fully responsive, user friendly and commission free booking engine. Our new Smart Booking Engine might be the solution for you. Interested? Go to our contact page for a Free Demo. 


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By Chantal Mieremet | July 31, 2019

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