What is the best channel manager for you?

"So, what's the best channel manager for me?"

In an increasingly complex online world -where the likes of Airbnb are greatly influencing the market- it will only get more difficult to get noticed and get booked (at a decent ADR!), in the crowded online hotel ‘bazar’. At the same time, with online travel agencies (OTA) accounting for more than 50% of bookings of most hotels, it’s critical you get this channel correctly.

Building a unique proposition and using a professional channel management solution -to release the time you currently spend maintaining rates and availability across multiple channels- is a start. Unfortunately, it is no longer enough in this hyper competitive environment.

Not all channel management solutions and partners are equal. Just as when you buy a new car, it is critical you don’t just go by the exterior (marketing claims), but “take a good look under the hood”. So, what's the best channel manager for you?

S2 model of getting the most out of your channel manager

We see many solutions for online distribution that have all sorts of brand promises. While writing our whitepaper about optimizing online distribution, we created a list that we believe hoteliers can use to make their decision for an online distribution partner. A checklist that covers most questions that we see our customers ask or. Based on the latest trends within the hospitality market:

The perfect channel manager for you?
Is your current channel management partner:

checkinthebox.jpgA preferred partner for your top 2-3 channels?
checkinthebox.jpgA preferred integration partner for your core PMS/CRS?
checkinthebox.jpgExplicitly focused on service beyond just support?
checkinthebox.jpgAble to provide full in-house service (i.e. no call centers/outsourcing)?
checkinthebox.jpgFlexible in the integration of additional (niche) channels?
checkinthebox.jpgFully compliant on PCI and Privacy Legislation?
checkinthebox.jpgA proven partner (i.e. >1000 customers) to hotels similar to you?
checkinthebox.jpgSomeone who “gets you” (i.e. your identity, culture, values)?

0-2 checks: Maybe it’s time to find a new partner…
3-6 checks: There’s a connection; this might work out.
7-8 checks: Holy Hoteliers! A match made in heaven!

SmartHOTEL strongly believes in personal service tailored to your needs. If you would like to learn more about our great social, hospitality minded software company and our S2 model of getting the most out of your channel manager, we invite you to download our whitepaper:

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By SmartHOTEL November 22, 2016